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Get amazed by the crisp shot via Instagram

April 28, 2016 at 6:42 am

10.Get amazed by the crisp shot via Instagram

Everyone is well aware about use of Instagram but there are few who know the perfect use of this app and its works. Generally people look Instagram as an app for sharing images and videos of very short duration to others by enabling the option of public or private. They connect with their face book/twitter accounts to Instagram as well.

There are some of the amazing facts about Instagram which makes its widely popular among the lots-

  1. Photographs– People find very interesting or amazing images/photographs on these app. new tools have been enabled by the launchers of app to make the shots beautiful and crisp. People can post images of every interesting moment which they want to share with others. Whatever seems to be fancy or striking to an individual, he or she can just click and post on profile for others comment and their appreciation.
  2. 2. No rules – There are nothing like hard and fast rules to upload images or photographs on such app. you can take shot of your dog, small kids, balloons, street signs, socks, birds etc to post on Instagram. Anything which is dazzling and fascinating can attract maximum number of people and you can gain followers as well.
  3. The community– People have extremely enjoyable experience while working on Instagram. Usually they make positive and motivating comments on pictures to encourage others. Large following can be used for a great cause such as- it can be used for creating awareness or making donation for uncertainty or any events. Followers make an assembly which is renamed as community. It can be recognized across the globe.
  4. Running documentary- Whenever a user has more than hundred pictures in his account then by using the option of “create documentary” He or she can make small documentary of such pictures. It is an easy option to look what have you to pass through. This amazing feature of Instagram is greatly admired by Instagram users.
  5. Education- Besides sharing photographs you can do a lot more activities which are related to education. People can talk about numerous ongoing projects on satellites, historical events, political issues and much more. People who have never met can easily share their views via Instagram app.

Instagram works very smoothly involving all sphere of life. It has joined the nations and destroyed the boundaries and other barriers which create hinder in communication and developing brotherhood among the people of this world.


Chose a perfect platform to share your clicks publically

April 28, 2016 at 6:40 am

9.Chose a perfect platform to share your clicks publically

Among youth and old age people Instagram is quite admired these days. In the year 2010 this app was being launched so as to provide masses with a unique and distinctive platform for chatting, sharing messages/comments/photos, uploading images/videos and even much more. People are flocking toward this app due to its unique features. It has been launched in seven new and different languages as well. For the year 2012 there were twenty five million people who have registered themselves on Instagram for one or other reasons.

Simple steps- it is really very easy and uncomplicated to get on track of Instagram.

You need to follow few steps.

  1. Just visit app store on your mobile.
  2. Download the “INSTAGRAM APP” for free.
  3. Set up or create your personal account.
  4. Select a distinctive username as well as upload a perfect profile picture.

What an Instagram is all about-

Instagram popularity is gaining acceleration due to these factors.

  • Image sharing- a user can use existing photo in camera roll or even can take current pictures of her/him by this app. for more fun and excitement you can also add title to a click. Users of foursquare can share their pictures on Instagram by mentioning the locations and using tag option. On this app images which are uploaded by individual are by default visible to all other users. In case you wish to restrict its public viewing then set private option via setting.
  • Photo manipulation- one of the coolest factor about this app is eleven filters. An individual can make use of these different filters to create amazing images that draw anyone interest as well. You will find filters which ranges from “RETRO” to “FUTURISTIC”.
  • Social- Just like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Soundcloud etc. Instagram also enables its user to make friends and have followers. You can follow people via this app. username, profile images, uploaded photos, followers details and numbers of people following you all these details are clearly visible at the top of any Instagram user profile. It is becoming most preferred friendly community of present time.
  • Helps in finding people/group to follow- This app lets an individual to find Twitter or Facebook friends who are currently using Instagram and a person can simply follow them.

The two ways of discovering people/group to follow includes-

  1. By popular page option.
  2. Another way is to view comments of people on your uploaded picture.